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2023 Grant Application

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2023 Grant Application

Grant Application for Fiscal Year 2023 - 2024

1Basic Information
2Project Description
3Letter of Commitment
4Plans and Public Input
5Needs and Inventories
6Detail Cost Estimates
7Maintenance and Operations
9Government Partnerships/Contributions
10Previous Grants
11ADA Benefits
  • Thank you for applying for the FY 2023 - 2024 Grant Application Round #24.

    It's our mission to provide grants to improve, restore and expand local parks and recreation programs in St. Louis County municipalities.

    Please submit your application no later than MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2023, at 4:00 PM.

    The Commission reserves the right to (1) modify its procedures, standards, and policies without prior notice and without the consent of applicants or others, (2) reject any and all applications as the Commission may determine to be appropriate and (3) reject projects that do not demonstrate a reasonable cost/benefit to St. Louis County citizens.

    Before you apply, please carefully read the following notes to save yourself time and streamline the application process.
    • Pass your city council resolution no more than 6 months prior to the application deadline. (8/28/23)
    • Changes or material additions to your submitted application are not allowed after the due date.
    • You may submit the application at least one week early and request an unofficial preliminary review.
    • Attendance at a pre-application workshop is worth 1 or 2 points.
    • Estimates must reflect bids, quotes, or vendor sheets dated within 180 days and MUST BE submitted with application. The work papers or bids used to complete the cost estimate sheet must be included.
    • In-kind funding is an estimate of hours and labor rates as well as equipment charges. (No administrative time allowed).
    • Applicants must provide a link to the entire municipal budget with all revenues and expenditures highlighted and/or linked.
    • Items installed using Municipal Park Grants on school property must be listed on inventory list.
    • A land appraisal completed within 9 months prior to application deadline is required if purchasing land. A signed purchase agreement must be submitted with the application for grant approval.
    • Reimbursement for professional fees shown near the bottom of the cost estimate sheet is limited to 9% of the project costs (not the grant amount) for bidding and 6% for supervision.
    • Cost estimates are most accurate if you seek bids, including those that may be informal. It is very important to research the costs. If your estimates are inadequate, you will either have to pay the difference or may have to forfeit the grant later on. You may not be able to fund all items you request so list the most important items first. Be specific when listing items. We need sizes and quantities along with their prices so we can check them when the project is complete


    Please be sure to have the following required documents or details prepared before you begin the application:
    • Recent pictures of previously funded projects for the last 10 years. Applications are incomplete without clear, labeled, COLOR pictures with a date imprinted on the pictures within six months of the application.
    • Project Description with detailed drawing of the park
    • Park Master Plan, Meeting Minutes and other documentation of public input showing support for the project. Highlight proof of public input so it can be easily identified
    • Inventory Spreadsheet. (Include an Inventory Spreadsheet for each city if submitting joint application)
    • Detailed Cost Estimates prepared within 180 days of the application deadline with an outlined scope of work
    • Project/Program Timeline without page breaks
    • City Resolution of Support from Governing Body passed within the 6-month period prior to the grant application deadline
    • Detailed plan for future care with links to the City Budget.
    • Each attachment must be labeled to show the items in the application which they relate to
    • If buying, leasing, or sharing land owned by another party, a written agreement or purchase agreement signed by the owner must be included. Please contact the Commission staff if anticipating a land purchase
    • If your project is dependent on buying, leasing or sharing land owned by another party (e.g., a school district), you must submit a written agreement or purchase agreement signed by the owner proving that the city may use the land, the length of time for use, any limits on its use, and responsibilities for maintenance
    • If this is a joint application with another city, at least 6% cash or in-kind support must be pledged, and each city must include a letter committing to sign an intergovernmental agreement to support the betterment of the project. Attach the letter if this is a joint project


    Municipalities are to pay contractors and will be reimbursed. You must enter into an agreement with the Commission before beginning any work on your grant project. The agreement scope will list the only items from your application that the Commission will fund. THESE ITEMS CANNOT CHANGE AFTER A GRANT IS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE COMMISSION, AND POSSIBLE RE-BIDDING. After completion of the project Grantees are expected to pay the project invoices, and then seek reimbursement. In hardship circumstances rare exceptions may be made to make two reimbursements in one round for a municipality. This should be requested in writing when the grant is submitted.


    A request for funding for multiple projects that are very similar (for example, replacing two playgrounds in two different parks) may be submitted using one application. A separate cost sheet should be submitted for each project. Clarify with us prior to completing application. Whenever multiple cost sheets or multiple applications are submitted, you must indicate the priority of each in the application it the event that only one is funded. The application with the higher score may yield less funding than your application with a lower score, depending on the amounts requested in each. No more than the population cap maximum will be awarded to any one municipality during any grant round.


    The Commission considers the following criteria when awarding grant funds:
    • The population of municipalities within the county
    • The level of intergovernmental cooperation on grant requests
    • The amount of grant funds provided to specific municipalities for the past 10 years
    • The park and recreation needs in the municipality requesting the grant.


    An applicant may seek information by contacting: Municipal League of Metro St. Louis 11911 Dorsett Rd. Maryland Heights, MO 63043 Phone: (314) 726-4747 Fax: (314) 528-8092 E-mail Address: [email protected]

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